by Constantia Flexibles

Mono PE laminate applicable in a broad variety of packaging applications

  • Properties of OPE are close to BOPP (transparency, stiffness)
  • OPE is reverse-printable by all printing processes incl. gravure printing

Technical Details

Barrier properties: very good

Great water vapour barrier:

  • WVTR: <6 38°C/85% [g/m²day)]
  • Values remain after GelboFlex
  • OPE20 can be laminated with any PE in various thickness
  • Maximum sealing bar temperature 140°C
  • Excellent transparency

Norms for measurement methods are: WVTR = ISO 15106-3


  • Light weight
  • OPE/PE structure is fully recycling-ready due to mono-material structure

Approx. 32% carbon footprint reduction (OPE 20 vs. PET 12)