by Constantia Flexibles

The more environmental-friendly Cflex lid along cost-efficiency

  • Up to 50 % material reduction vs. standard lids
  • Wide range of sealing temperature (200 – 280°C)
  • Easy and continuous peeling properties
  • Good seal through properties
  • In combination with UV-Flexo printing completely solvent free
  • High corrosion resistance

Technical Details

  • Specification’s primer is suitable for flexo & roto printing technologies
  • Alu 20µ semi hard
  • Easy Peel coating yet perfect performance on packaging line
  • Uniquely developed co-extrusion coating spec by Constantia
  • Embossed & unembossed both available


  • Approximately 48% reduction in carbon footprint compared to a standard aluminum die cut lid (Alu 38µm).
  • Fully recycling-ready: Sortable for aluminum-recycling using Eddy-Current-Technology

*This representation is a sample image.