“As the world’s third largest flexible packaging producer, we know about our responsibility towards the environment as well as the requests of the end consumers. Thus, our goal is to drive a change in the industry for more sustainable packaging solutions.”

Alexander Baumgartner

CEO, Constantia Flexibles

How we work

At Constantia Flexibles we envision a world in which packaging provides people with the highest benefit at the lowest impact on the environment. We rethink packaging every day to make a positive and meaningful contribution to our customers and the environment.

We have clear goals for the future:

Constantia Flexibles pledges that 100% of its consumer and pharma packaging will be recyclable by 2025.

To achieve this target we create tailored solutions for our customers’ goods. The ecolutions line by Constantia Flexibles provides a wide variety of packaging solutions which are fully recyclable at the same time.

Featured products

Providing consumers with packaging that is more planet-friendly requires new specifications that provide the highest product safety, our prime goal of packaging. With the Ecolutions product line by Constantia Flexibles we combine both attributes. Ecolutions provides more sustainable flexible packaging solutions that are fully recyclable. Part of Ecolutions is the EcoLam family with EcoLam, EcoLamPlus, and EcoLamHighPlus, as well as EcoTainerAlu and EcoCover.

We built the first plant on the planet producing only recyclable flexible packaging.

In Q4 2019 Constantia Flexibles celebrates the opening of ecoflex Ahmedabad. This state-of-the art plant meets all the requirements of the modern world and lays the foundation to lead the packaging industry into a more sustainable direction. Furthermore, ecoflex is plug and play that means our concept is designed to be highly reproducible upon demand in any country around the planet.

Turning global challenges into opportunities

The world’s population is growing fast. Demand for resources rises accordingly. At the same time precious resources end up as waste too quickly. Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. Future packaging will have to change its role in global environmental challenges – from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution.

By developing Constantia Ecolutions we actively contribute to the progression from a linear to a circular economy. Sustainability has always been in our DNA. Learn more about the topic.

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